Are you a lover of seafood? Are you aware of the many health benefits of these seafoods? A large variety of Seafood that is found all over the world include different types of fishes, sea plants, sea weeds, shellfish as well as different species of mollusks. Whether it is a dish of sea vegetables or a recipe of sea fishes, you will enjoy taste and nutrition eating them. Owing to the popularity of this food, providers of this food have also set fine dining in Melbourne CBD to serve the delicacies to meet your cravings and need.

Here are some of the popular yet healthy seafood discussed.

1.    Salmon: This fish is well known as delicious Seafood throughout the whole world. You can prepare many dishes out of salmon without reducing its nutritious value. It provides you with omega 3, which has high nutritious value.

2.    Squid: Deep-fried fresh squids are mouthwatering and you can take them as starters. But don’t go for only fried squids, they may cause health hazards if you are not used to seafood generally.

3.    Crab: Crabs are the best parts of sea food. The combination of low calorie and high protein makes this food preferable to all as it has the quality to reduce high pressure, keep your cardiac system work well and contrl arthritis to some extent with the help of its fatty acid. You can take a bowl of green salad along with the preparation of crab. Visit the best seafood restaurant in your area and enjoy the best delicacies of crabs.

4.    Oysters: The chart of variant seafood is incomplete without Oysters. Make sure that the oysters are fresh before you start your meal. Low calorie dishes of oysters along with green veggies are recommended to consume for high protein, omega-3, calcium, zinc and amino acid. They take immense part to improve mood and reduce stress level, bone building and give us energy.

5.    Scallops: Being enriched with vitamins, protein, potassium, Omega-3 and magnesium these low calorie mollusks are recommended to eat with fresh and green vegetables as they reduce the chances of cardiac failure and blood clot.

6.    Mussels: Mussels are good to eat for they are rich in iodine and help to control thyroid problems. Like most other seafood they are low in calorie and possess high level of omega-3 too and provide you with energy.

This list is literally never ending as various tasty seafoods are easily available all around the world like crayfish, shrimp, lobster, cockles, whelks, octopus and many more.
You will find different seafood restaurants serving the best of these seafood recipes at affordable rate and you will love to visit their food courts again and again.

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